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Name:Clan Nautilus
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And because mere walls and windows must soon drive a man to madness who dreams and reads much, the dweller in that room used night after night to lean out and peer aloft to glimpse some fragment of things beyond the waking world and the tall cities.
H.P. Lovecraft, Azathoth

A space for the members of Clan Nautilus to talk about energy work, spirit work, gods, and being elvan; friends and allies are welcome to join and post on related topics if they wish. Feel free to apply if you know us. We don't mind you asking and are okay with saying no if we feel it's right.

The rules:

1. Obey Wheaton's Law.
2. Most of this material will be released to public view at some point, somewhere, but we'll choose when and how - and what to keep back, potentially including most of the details of the conlang we're developing to go along with this work. As with our other journals, do not share anything we or others post without first getting specific permission.
3. Technique is for using and when things are useful, it makes us glad to have shared. If you find that something is true for you also, feel free to incorporate it. If you want to write about that elsewhere, write about your personal experiences. Crediting us for generic inspiration is okay but not required.

We'd also like it if everyone shares an introduction but that's more of a request.

Clan allies get moderator status so that we can have two tiers of access. Please keep in mind that others can't necessarily see the entries you do, if you're an ally. (Which is by invitation only, based on a combination of how long we've known a person, how discreet we consider zir to be, and how much zir interests seem to be aligned with our own.) Allies are not to do the work of moderators unless specific tasks are agreed upon, or they choose to take the opportunity to approve and give permissions to another known ally who's just applied to join.
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